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Look up the requirements for the medical you need – the extra requirements might be blood tests, hearing test, eye specialist or stress (exercise) ECG (note that plain ECGs can be performed at the time of the examination). You can then download the forms to have these tests performed before your appointment for the full examination. This allows the medical to be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Note - you will need to book an appointment first and use the booking number supplied to download the blood test or stress ECG forms.

Blood tests

Click here to download your form

In most cases you will not need an appointmeant, just turn up fasted for 12 hours. Note that these tests are not covered by Medicare.

Stress ECG

Click here to download your form

Ring and make yourself a booking and advise that you will have a referral with you.

Hearing Test (Audiogram)

Select a hearing centre from the many available. Ring and make yourself a booking and advise the appointment is for a CASA hearing test and that you will have the CASA form with you. Download the CASA form here to take to the hearing centre.

Eye test

You have to attend a Designated CASA Ophthalmologist for your appointment. The specialist will be able to complete the examination and upload the result. No form is required. Click here for a list of suitable specialists in South Australia.